White is always in fashion especially in the summer

The best thing you can do for you it's to prepare white clothes in your wardrobe for this summer. White has always been in trend for the warm season. I will point out some of the main reasons for this. The white color is the most preferred in the summer due to a lot of reasons, but here are some of the main. Why to wear white clothes:

Reason 1 - White does not attract the sun, as do the darker tones such as black, dark brown or just a darker color. Thus you feel fresh and light. But if the white dress is fiery then you'll just feel very nice and cool.

Reason 2 - white color highlights summer tan. In the summer every woman taking care of her complexion, and most focus on it. Once you have created your desired tan, then comes the white, that it emphasizes and highlights.

White is always in fashion especially in the summer

Reason 3 - you're always dressed modern. Much of it designers also prefer white and this year also focus on it and present in their collections. For example, the color white is always present in the collections of Emilio Pucci to Gucci, Roberto Cavalli and Chanel. For diversity, designers mix white with light hints of other colors in the fabrics.

Reason 4 - celebrities like to wear white. The this color as a trend for summer 2013 is dictated not only by the designers, but by their muses and supporters.

White is always in fashion especially in the summer

Reason 5 - this color is easily combined You can combine all the colors and improvise even if you have not full wardrobe with clotheswith . The classic combinations is of black and white, blue or red, but more imposing and combinations between white and turquoise or black and yellow.

Reason 6 - white is a classic in the genre. From time immemorial the color white is a symbol of elegance, femininity, sensuality - traits which every fine lady wants to emphasize. Furthermore, the white shape silhouette stylish and suitable for different events.

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